Research informed, interactive approach
to supervised visitation.

Our goals

The primary goal of the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children is to increase the protective factors of children, so that we can provide them with the tools to succeed in life and break free of barriers to success caused by abuse and neglect. Furthermore, we hope this will help stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.

A secondary goal of the program is to increase the skills of the parent in order to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.

Program Overview

  • Children who have protective factors are able to "bounce back" from adversity
  • Staff coach families as families engage in resilience-building activities
  • Staff teach parenting strategies
  • Staff and families build children's protective factors
  • Research informed approach

After seeing the Joan Sherman Program in action, I am convinced that teaching children resilient behaviors, thoughts, and actions will help them overcome the trauma and tragedy of abuse and neglect; AND I believe the resiliency model will help these children and their families develop loving and trusting relationships that are fundamental to a happy and fulfilling life. I believe it’s also the key to facing the stress and adversity that everyone experiences as an adult.
I’ve seen what happened to my generation. That’s why I support this work, because I want a better outcome for the next generation.
— Joan Sherman