What staff are saying about the program...

"Strengthening the parent-child bond is what
I believe to be most significant, in terms of building resilience. The program does that
by increasing the quality of time they
spend together."

"The Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children has improved the effectiveness of [our] supervised visitation program because it has given structure and purpose to families during their visits."


What parents are saying about the program...

"I learned that not only can I teach them new things, I can learn from them as well."

"I have learned to care for my children more now than ever with grace and patience."

"I have learned to listen more to my child
and enjoy every moment of our time
spent together."


What children enjoy about
the program...

"Seeing everyone smile."

"We have fun with our parents."

"Talking with my family and all of us getting to spend time together."

"My favorite thing about visits is that my mom and I spend time together and we talk to each other when we have problems."